I’m not in Lisbon anymore, Diane is there and you will find here at www.kalosteo.com she remain in her osteopathic office in Intendente, but I also works as an osteopath in two clinics in Lisbon.


  • Weekdays: 8.30am-1pm 2.30pm-8pm
  • Saturday: 9am-1pm
  • Sunday: closed


Osteopathic consultations at the office are at a rate of 70 euros, often supported in part by the heath insurances.

Clinic consultations are priced at 65 euros at Alegria Medical Center and 70 euros at the Campo de Ourique International Clinic.

For information specific to Campo de Ourique (Wednesday) click HERE.

Click here to see availability or make an appointment


The office is just minutes from the « Intendente » subway station in the « Agora Yoga » structure, on the 2nd floor of 23 Rua Rafael de Andrade.

Alegria Medical Center is a short walk from Avenue de la Liberdade, Praça da Alegria 66 3°.

The Campo de Ourique International Clinic is in the heart of the French Quarter, a short walk from the well-known butcher, R. Ten. Ferreira Durão Nº37A.

You want to know more about the way I work, the type of techique I use, IT’S HERE.

You want to know more about Agora Yoga space, IT’S HERE.