Judgment of others: when social networks lead to anorexia.

The importance we give to the judgment of others is certainly an innate reflex. Indeed, in prehistoric times when man lived in small communities, being expelled from the latter very often meant death. It has therefore long been beneficial to survival to adapt one's behavior to the group's norm in order to stay there, to take advantage of one's physical and food security.

But today, that reflex is not so much of an asset in a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to strangers who no longer have anything to do with our community group. Copying their behavior is no longer essential to survival, on the contrary it can sometimes be deleterious.

Succeeding in getting rid of it means freeing oneself from the superfluous but also from what can make us unhappy or even sick as we see in this doc which parallels social networks and anorexia.

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