Opioids, when conventional medicine crosses the line.

Among the effects of opiates, there is a partial decrease in inhibition of the reward circuit, how? Opioids will fill the opioid receptors present on inhibitory neurons, and thus alter the functioning of these neurons, the very ones that allow to regulate downward set sad dopamine release[*1].

It is this vicious effect, which leads to a release of deregulated, excessive dopamine and generates a feeling of euphoria that is increasingly difficult to do without. In the United States, #opiacés kill more than guns and road accidents combined[*2]. A painkiller policy since the 2000s that has, on the one hand, killed more Americans than the Vietnam War and on the other, generated more than $35 billion in profit from #Purdue Pharma and its partners.

Even if in France the problem is less, it is however more and more present so that there are more #overdoses related to a drug #opioïde than to the #héroine [*3].

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