Milk, best drinks for post-exercise recovery.

As you know, I am not particularly a fan of milk in general, its regular consumption is indeed suspected to be correlated with the appearance of several dysfunctions such as multiple sclerosis, the general inflammatory state or prostate cancer. Having said that, he has proven its benefits, quite obviously in specific areas that we are talking about here.

Several studies have consistent results for post-exercise milk consumption, including:

  • The consumption of skimmed milk immediately after exercise (between T-0 and 1 hour after exercise) promotes the synthesis of muscle fibers and thus the gain of muscle mass. The study looked at 56 men who completed 5 sessions per week of weight lifting for 12 weeks. 1/3 consumed a sugary commercial recovery drink after exercise (carbohydrate), 1/3 skimmed soy milk, 1/3 skimmed milk.

Muscle mass gain is 3.9kg for milk, 2.8kg for soy and 2.4kg for carbohydrate. Find the study here:

  • -These results are supported by a second study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition that confirms a higher synthesis of muscle protein in those who drink milk in post-exercise. But this study that you will find here tells us above all about the interest of milk in rapid rehydration after an important exercise. She tells us that milk is at least as effective as “sports drinks” in recovery after effort, which allows the body to regain optimal hydration as quickly as possible, which speeds up recovery.

These two positive effects of milk could be explained by:

  • a higher protein concentration in milk than in other beverages (9%), protein intake facilitates increased muscle mass gain.
  • the presence of a high concentration of minerals in milk, which could promote osmotic re-balancing (oligoelement/water ratio) and thus more effective rehydration.

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