Nutrition: link between video games and food intake

Nutritional Fact Number 9: Playing video games increases the food intake of the following meal.

The 2011 study comes from Oxford and is carried out by a few dozen researchers. It is about teenagers: one group stays at rest, the second is at rest but plays video games, then they eat according to their will.

Conclusion: “A single video game session in healthy male teens is associated with an increase in dietary intake, regardless of feelings of appetite.”

Reasons: you certainly know them the video game although virtual causes real emotional reactions in our body. The heart rate accelerates, our concentration is increased and a higher-than-normal energy intake is offered to the muscles (dilation of the vessels…) so that they are ready for a leak or a fight.

What is surprising is that the extra energy expenditure caused by these reactions (difference between the two columns on the left) is still less than the energy supplement that is consumed by the group that played (difference between the 2 columns on the right). The result is energy storage, an increase in fat reserves.

Full study:

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