Is tennis good for your back?

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Is tennis good for your back?

In the #expatriation this sport – particularly popular because of its accessibility – raises many questions. The violence of the supports -short and intense races – as well as the rather violent rotation caused by flat or lift forehands can lead to some doubts about the relevance of this practice, in case of lower back pain for example.

The answer to this question is mainly on a case-by-case basis. The strong impacts of the supports should be avoided in case of #arthrose of the knee, services should be prohibited in case of #tenniselbow or other #tendinites that may be caused or maintained by a repetition of gestures style service or forehand. Finally, the rotation of the bust during the ball strike requires an appropriate muscular presence at the #lombaires.

In the majority of cases, the benefit-risk balance remains very positive in terms of the practice of #tennis. The reduction of cardiovascular risks, the evacuation of stress, the strengthening of muscle and the secretion of #endorphine – whose antidepressant effects are recognized in the context of regular practice – consistent with any sporting activity, are only a fraction of the contributions of this sport.

Like most activities, the practice of tennis is subject to some contraindications that will detect your #ostéopathe. During a #consultation, it will help you adapt your effort and your game to enjoy tennis by limiting the painful risks.

In order to motivate you, I let you contemplate the summary of one of the most beautiful meetings of the year during the #USopen.


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