Why and how to make your own creams/oils at the osteo/kine.

Hello everyone, I share my journey to use fewer tubes in the office. It is the ecological/financial/ethical aspects that motivate me, to this is added a little curiosity and the desire to know perfectly what I put on my hands and on the skin of my patients.

I must say that even if environmental concerns are sometimes contradictory, I am convinced that working in the direction of reducing the consumption of all these packages of creams (often 100g or 50g) is well worth the time I spend on it. Added to this, the fact that the country where I am currently working, namely Portugal, has much higher prices than France in terms of pharmacological products, so I find myself buying tubes at 13 euros per 100g several times a week when I do not bring them back myself from France. In short, all this is ridiculous.

So I set myself the goal of setting up this research allowing me to make my own products, understand how they are made, then find the perfect dosages of what I am looking for in terms of smoothness, skin duration, oily appearance and heating/cooling print. It’s actually very stimulating as a project and I tell myself that sharing it also increases the impact of my research, if even a person uses this information and in turn decreases his consumption of plastic, it will not have been in vain.

This video shows you the current state of progress, I now have a recipe that works very well. Some ingredients need to be added to increase the heating effect, but that’s the base cream is great, really great. Apart from Diclofenac (anti-inflammatory) and Biofreeze (cold effect) I no longer use tubes in the office and I’m delighted.

Video description:

So here we are at the 2nd cream design test, a crazy result, I’m super glad that we arrived at a cream of this quality.

Already I found it aberrant to buy these lotions in mini-tubes of 100g with in addition to plastic sometimes an overpack cardboard … Finished! I have everything I need and I can’t wait to test concentrations of camphor, arnica, menthol… to find a more or less heated effect. But the base is already there, I have the texture, I have the preservation, I have the “oily” aspect essential to massage, and finally the moisturizing effect in addition to a smell that I love, especially camphor. The next steps are the plastic/cardboard balance of these creams compared to the usual products, we’ll laugh. And above all, the design of a container, an eco-friendly container…Big challenge but I already have the idea, we will ask for a little help. In short, I could hardly wait better. It’s off to 15 minutes of top-noted cuisine!

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